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What we mean by "well-madeness"

All blogs have to start somewhere, and this is where we've chosen to start ours.

If you have a read around the website you'll see pretty quickly that we talk a lot about 'well-madeness'. Of course, it's completely unhelpful as it doesn't really mean anything. Except it does.

Things can be 'well-made'. The dictionary defines it as "skillfully put together". But, for us, 'well-madeness' - the noun - goes further.

It's a state of mind. A way of working. A code.

Rude Mechanicals is born out of a deep passion for 'well-madeness'. When you meet people who dedicate their lives to their craft - those who diligently go to work every day to produce the finest possible products - it's difficult not to be awestruck. When you see, feel, smell and taste perfection, there's something present there that goes beyond mere skillful assembly. There's the dedication, the hours of practice, the obsession, the relentless pursuit of better, all of which is hard to define but impossible to ignore.

Now, before we're accused of making grandiose claims about what we're doing here, we should reiterate this is simply what gets the fire in our bellies going. It's this almost

mythical dream of 'well-madeness' that inspires us. All we can do is to pick the right partners for each of our products, maintain a scrupulous attention to detail, and cut no corners as we go about our work producing drinks we can be proud of. Everything we do is a collaboration so this will all be a joint effort. Right now we're at the very beginning of our journey. We hope you'll keep checking in on us to see how we're getting on.

RM x


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