Feather Weight/

punchy pilsner

4.5% abv


THIS MIGHTY COLLABORATION pits our passion & experience for experimenting with flavour - honed over two decades of winemaking and blending - against the noble hop.

Light on its feet with knockout tropical fruit flavours courtesy of a champion blend of hops (Hallertau Blanc for floral, lemongrass and elderflower. Amarillo for grapefruit and passionfruit. Simcoe for guavas), it floats like a butterfly and stings like a donkey.


Muhammad Ali once said - “He who is not courageous enough in life to take risks will accomplish nothing”, as usual he had a point. One which James and Samantha took to heart when they started this feisty little beer. Many hops were tried and much malt was spilt in this quest for knock-out flavour.

Ensuring that the hard-hitting grapefruit zing didn’t overpower the passionfruit was a delicate balance, but then tropical perfection doesn’t come easy.